Dallas Naked Yoga for Men

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DNY4M practices are held in a space we have rented near downtown Dallas. There is a single shower for anyone who needs it. The building is very secure and the room is entirely private--so no need to be concerned about safety or any other conflicts.

Breath is key to yoga. The teaching of breathing techniques will be a central and ongoing focus throughout every class. At the present time, all classes are held in the nude. The room will be heated slightly above standard room temperature--nothing too extreme. A warm room is conducive to a better practice and deeper stretching. It also helps avert the risk of injury.

Style, as well as schedule, of each practice is largely determined by the instructor for each specific class, but always designed with the expectation that many students in the group are new to yoga or have only a little prior exposure. Class series are designed to ease the body into action, first with stretching as a warm up, then progressing into more active and strength-building postures. They are linked in such a way as to counterbalance each other, so that the body grows and changes in a harmonious way, building core strength and stability. Each practice ends with a cool down period allowing students to enjoy the relaxation benefits of their hard work. There will be a few moments for quiet meditation, for those who desire to do so. Class is 90 minutes in length.

Dallas Naked Yoga for Men is a non-dogmatic group, meaning that we pursue the study and practice of yoga and the asanas (postures) which have been handed down through thousands of years of yogic tradition with interest and respect for it's origins and teachings. It is not a religious or Diestic devotion. At times music and some vibrational chants may be incorporated to enrich the experience for participants.

Participants must be at least 21 years of age and must provide proof in the form of a valid driver's license with photo.

Please make sure to download a copy of the information and release forms below. Please complete these forms and bring them to class with you, along the other items listed below. This is a private group, not a business: please bring the suggested donation of $10 to cover the cost of the instructor and renting the room. If you have any problem bringing any of the above, please feel free to contact us, and we'll work something out.



    Release Form
    New Member Information Form

What to bring to class . . .

  • yoga mat (they are available at Target, Academy, even Walmart or Whole Foods if you want to spend more . . . we will have a few mats available if you cannot bring one of your own)
  • towel (a large bath towel will do)
  • an empty stomach (try not to eat for at least 2 hours prior to class)
  • your freshly showered self
  • bottle of water
  • driver's license
  • ten dollars cash donation
  • signed & completed member information and release forms

Any other questions? Please check the FAQ page. Otherwise. . .


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